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Blonde Farms
Actively Seeking Farmland 
  To Lease 517*425*1750
 NuTech Seed is rapidly gaining more acres on Michigan corn and soy farmers' operations due to the unprecedented yield performance growers have experienced over the past 7 years. Since 2007, NuTech has dominated the Michigan State University corn trials and Michigan F.I.R.S.T trials with by far more #1 yielders than ANY other seed company. With a dominant product line for Southern Michigan, we are pleased to introduce Adam Blonde as our rep for this area.  

   Founded in 2000 by a team of experienced seed professionals and plant breeders, NuTech quickly became one of the top 3 largest independent seed companies in the U.S. Acquired by the DuPont/Pioneer company in 2010, NuTech continues to operate as an independent brand, offering the latest in germplasm and technology to U.S. farmers with the trait and genetic packages they want and need, being mindful of farm by farm and field by field needs (unlike some seed companies, who are more concerned about getting the most expensive traits to you, whether you want them or not). With a number of new Quads, Triples, Doubles in trait options, and many new conventional corns - NuTech is giving growers what they want! 

  Our Local Representative: Adam Blonde comes from a family of farmers in Southern Michigan. Farming is in his blood, as his family's 100 year farm attests to. Adam is a Ag school graduate of Michigan State Univerisity and has planted NuTech for 10 years, and is well versed in the soil types and farming practices of Southern Michigan. With the varying management practices in S. Michigan row crop growers - such as no-til vs. tillage and irrigation vs. dryland - Adam will help you match the right NuTech products for your operation from all perspectives. Early planting and gettng the crop off to a quick start are factors that our especially important to Adam, and NuTech.

Contact Adam at 517 425 1750 or 517 542 3875 for more information on varieties that will fit your needs!